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SAD| She said goodbye to the world, wrote this to explained why

Being HIV positive has to be one of the hardest things to accept, especially if you are still a young person and have your whole life ahead of you. Having the virus comes with a lot of rejection, mostly in relationships because not every one is willing to date someone who is HIV positive.

Society is not very understanding when it comes to HIV, although it is now easier to live with virus. Being diagnosed with HIV in recent times is not a death sentence, yes there is no cure for HIV yet, but HIV is a manageable disease that can be treated with daily medication. There are ARVs that are taken daily to suppress the viral load.

A person living with HIV can live a normal and healthy life, this is if the treatment is taken correctly and consistently to suppress the virus.

Many HIV positive people struggle to accept the fact that they are living with the virus, majority of them choose to not disclose their HIV statuses to the public, only a few do and some choose to live positively with HIV.

A young woman named Joyce Mensah has struggled with accepting the rejection that comes with her HIV status, she wrote on Facebook saying goodbye to the world and further added that she feels like she will die soon on a video.

On the video she mentioned that she had been rejected all her life and as a result she was in and out of hospitals for major depression, She also said that the rejection that she got from the father of her child was the worst form of rejection she had ever received.

She added " Fulfilling the desires of the flesh while starving the spirit leeds to death.

Let's teach the children how to abstain from sex...."

Source: Facebook

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