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Covid-19| The Country Might Remain On Level 1 All of December, No Hard Lockdown [Opinion]

Date: 15/12/21



Ever since it was announced that South Africa has a new coronavirus variant, many people have been fearing the worst. Looking at the series of events that took place in the previous December of 2020, it makes sense to assume that South Africa might be moving to a stricter and harsher lockdown. This lockdown back in 2020 came with the banning of alcohol sales and restrictions of movement. Although the cases have been rising there's a great chance that South Africa will remain in level one.


First of all, you must acknowledge the fact that South Africa has been breaking records as far as the number of infections are concerned as of late. The whole of December South Africa's new covid-19 cases are very high each day.

On Tuesday the 14th of December, the country registered about 23,000 new infections which was very scary. The only significant difference and the most important factor is the number of deaths. The country has been recording very low numbers of deaths compared to the cases of infections.

For a total of 23000 infections, only around 25 people lost their lives. This shows how different this new coronavirus variant is. It must be stated that the whole point of these lockdowns is to protect people from dying. People might get infected and then recover which it's not a bad thing. The fact that people are getting infected even more and not dying means that there is reasons to remain under level 1 of the locked out. Below are other days where there was a high number of infections but low deaths.


It seems the vaccines are actually working and now South Africans might get to enjoy their december without worrying about going to a higher lockdown level.

What is your take on the matter?

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