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South African hospitals are gearing up for the possible fourth wave

It is very concerning that we are having hospitals preparing the for the fourth wave when the number of cases in the country are so much under control. Scientists and health official are so adamant that we are going to have the fourth wave come December even the minister of Health Joe Phaahla has aslo been able to confirm that. The Covid-19 on its own has brought so much uncertatinity and some people are just not buying it especially when it comes to the vaccines.

We have even saw that the biggest companies already knows when there will be a lockdown and they are advertising for their customers not to be cought off guard when the government imposes a lockdown when it comes to alcohol.

We know that there has been a concern that there are companies who are going to make vaccines mandatory and as such, those who have not been vaccinated might find themselves loosing their jobs just like that. Well this is no longer something that we speak of as if it will happen in the future, it is currently happening as we speak

There are people who have already lodged the complains with the CCMA that they have been fired by their employers just because they refused to get vaccinated. There are people who don't trust the vaccines because there are some people who have died just after getting vaccinated and this has created even more fear amongs the people.

People who are employed really don't have and option but to get vaccinated especially if the company has adopted the vaccine policy. This is because they don't want to be fired from their work. The CCMA will be inandated with this kind of complains.

Other countries are taking a different approach. We have seen that Austria has imposed a lockdown only for the people who are not vaccinated. It is the first time there is a lockdown like this and they are trying to see if it will work. The progess will be monitored in a 10 day period to see if it actuly works.

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