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I infected many man with HIV deliberately as a revenge, say Jackline

Source : Biggest kaka

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Jackline Njoki Mwangi had confessed to have infected many man with HIV/AIDS deliberately as she was forced to learn about HIV/AIDS when she was young about 18 to 19 years because she had contacted it from other man who didn't protect themselves.

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Jackline had to sustain her life by selling her body because her mother didn't love them with her sister, the mother is said to have moved to United States.

In the interview with Tuko Host, she opened up about infecting many man deliberately because she was also not warned by a man she slept with when she was 18 or 19, she said it wasn't her responsibility to protect them too.

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In the interview, Jackline said if a man wanted to sleep with her they could have used a condom but they didn't dare to ask or take it out, so she saw it fine with alterior motive to infect them.

She opened up because she is now 36 years old and feel remorseful about it so now she apologise for it.

Jackline now is out, she is now making an awareness to all men that they should be careful to sleep with every woman they see without condom because they wouldn't know the motives of those woman.

Mwangi askes her family to forgive and ask them to stop abusing her most of the time, unity is what she is asking and live as happy family.

See the full interview with Tuko Host on YouTube.

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