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A woman caused a stir after sharing why she decided to get vaccination, see here

A woman recently caused a stir on twitter after sharing the reason behind getting vaccination. As most people are aware we are currently living with a pandemic not only in our country but world wide. Hence a vaccine was introduced by the Department of Health. There are various reasons why people decide to take it while others prefer not. Irregardless of reason, it is not everyone who has been publicly expressing their thoughts on it. With that being said the woman in question mentioned that the only reason she took the vaccine was to be able to tick the option when applying for an acting role. Some people thought it was quite surprising that people were getting vaccination just to secure jobs. Others were saying it is necessary because at the end if the day it is a requirement. As much as people care about their health and protecting themselves and loved ones, this hasn't been most people motivation. Everyone has their own opinions about getting the vaccine. See more of people's reactions down below;

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