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What will happen by drinking turmeric milk is a very important thing

 When should we not drink turmeric milk, which can be very dangerous for our body. So let us know when we should not drink turmeric milk. So let's know about the complete information of this news,

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 Turmeric milk is very beneficial for our body. And it is also very beneficial for our body. It is said that if there is bone pain in our body or any kind of pain in the body, then only turmeric milk is given first. and it is said,

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 By drinking this, the pain of the bones of our body also gets cured. But do you know that when we should not drink turmeric milk and drinking it can be dangerous not only for our body but also for our life. So let's know when we should not drink turmeric milk,

 If you have a sore throat, or a problem of phlegm, or if you often vomit, you should never drink turmeric milk. If you drink turmeric milk then it can cause a lot of harm, and if you have the problem of diarrhea, then turmeric milk should not be drunk at all. Due to this you can also vomit blood.

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