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"You Are Being Given The Choice To Either Get Jabbed Or Not And Deal With The Consequences Of That C

You Are Being Given The Choice To Either Get Jabbed Or Not And Deal With The Consequences Of That Choice.

Since the President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa announced that they are considering ways to make the vaccine mandatory, antivaxxers have not been happy at all. Even after two weeks there is still a debate between pro vaxxers and antivaxxers. 

Dischem have released a statement that their employees should be vaccinated by the 1st of February. If the employees do not want to vaccinate, they should wear N95 masks and also produce weekly Covid-19 antigen. Dischem happens to be one of the companies to implement mandatory vaccinations for their employees. Antivaxxers of course have not taken this well however the choice is yours to make it you are found in such as situation. 

Ndaedzo Nethonzhe made a clarification on what some companies implied by demanding that their staff is vaccinated. @NdaedzoNN "Nobody is being forced to take the vaccine. You are being given the choice to either get jabbed or not and deal with the consequences of that choice. There's a difference between MANDATORY and COMPULSORY". 

We can imagine that the consequences include losing your job and being denied access to other places. Chances are, many people would be willing to get jabbed so that they can get a job. Therfore those who refuse to get jabbed to keep their jobs will be opening space for all others who are unemployed. 

Some people are worrying that they will suffer side effects which might be deadly while others refuse to vaccinate because they believe the jab is not healthy or just goes against their beliefs. 

Others believe that people should not be forced to get vaccinated but rather encouraged. However others believe that people have been encouraged and educated and yet still won't do it. 

Nevertheless, companies want to ensure productivity and profitability for themselves and the government want the economy to get the economy back to normal by achieving herd immunity. Can you imagine what happens if employees keep on getting sick on a weekly basis, the company is short of staff and they have to close every now and then? They are losing money to pay their employees. 

What do you think of this issue? Share your comments down below.

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