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OPINION: When Will Covid-19 End? The Answer Is Not What You Think

When will Covid-19 come to an end? Will it even come to an end? Well, according to the World Health Organisation, ending Covid-19 is scientifically easy, but having the public accept the science is a totally different, uneasy matter.

The World Health Organisation conducted research on 18 possible measures that could be employed to bring Covid-19 to an end.

These 18 possible measures were also investigated in terms of how they would fair if applied to previous pandemics.

The results of this study were surprising to the scientists.

They discovered that ending the previous pandemics, particularly polio and the Spanish flu, was far more difficult that ending Covid-19.

However, there are critical challenges in bringing this pandemic to an end; the biggest of which is getting the public to realise how easy it is to end the pandemic.

From the inception of the pandemic; people have been very skeptical of the information they receive from the media concerning the pandemic.

As a result, different, and sometimes dangerous conspiracy theories were offered by various people in an attempt to make sense of the world.

It seemed the general public was more receptive to social media conspiracies than to mainstream media information.

This laid the foundation for every subsequent development about Covid-19 to be viewed in suspicion.

The World Health Organisation states that if 75% of the world population could be fully vaccinated, Covid-19 could be brought to an end.

But it is difficult, if not impossible, at least without coercion, to get 75% of the world population vaccinated.

As already mentioned, people are very skeptical of information from mainstream media and are more receptive to conspiracies from social media.

There is a lot of information on social media encouraging people not to vaccinate, for various reasons, the biggest being that vaccines are more dangerous than the virus they seek to prevent.

Given this social conundrum, that there is a highly pronounced reluctance to vaccinate in the general public; the world health organisation reckons that Covid-19 will stay among us for the foreseeable future.

Content created and supplied by: ClementSibanda (via Opera News )

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