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Depression is the Most Dangerous Disease if Not Recognized and Dealt With Immediately

Facebook user shared a Painful Story About Depression

Now I am tired I give up in life I want to I never felt so sad this way as I did not know depression is that painful and dangerous till last night. She is only 16 years have been strugglng with depression for more than 6 months with 3 months under psychiatric treatment. We had a very hard time trying to save her from suicide, and the most painful words was (now I am tired I give up in life I want to die please do not stop me)

She tried to use USB cable for her cell phone charger fortunately it could not handle the tension, we worked overtime trying to stop her. She grab all capsules and pills in her bedroom, we took it away from her, I witnessed deep sorrow tears of someone with sad words saying I am tired and I give up now, e had to rush her to psychiatric hospital she is still alive but at ICU.

If you don't know how painfully is depression you never saw what a deepest sorrow look like. Out all pain there is nothing can be compared to deeply depressed person, it is the most difficulty pain to manage because when the mind give up no words are comforting enough, please never ever neglect someone suffering from depression because the more it become serious, never leave them unmonitored

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