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Total Plug- Losing Weight Without Diet, With Only 5 Minutes Lying Down

Imagine a scenario where I let you know you can begin shedding pounds today, by essentially resting evenly for 5 minutes three times each day. 

With this straightforward "work out", shedding pounds has never been simpler! It sounds comparable to some fantasy or fantasy. Japanese specialist Fukujuji-san has been assisting ladies with getting thinner in the most brief time, during a 10 years duration. From this experience we get this activity with which one can get in shape by just resting (that implies without diet, hard activities and going through cash). 

This strategy from the Japanese specialist Fukujuji is portrayed in his book. This book has 6 million sold duplicates in Asia. 

For this strategy for quick thinning the specialist says that you needn't bother with any unique instruments. In any case, you simply need a solid rope, large towel with the goal that you can secure the towel in a roll, level floor and 5 minutes available energy each day . The technique is exceptionally simple and effective in a similar time. You shouldn't a thing aside from rests evenly, for 5 minutes three times each day. 

Expert for issues with the pelvis is specialist Fukujuji. He has found that the fundamental driver for fat tissues nearby around the stomach and the abdomen is the scattering of the pelvis and the subcostal bones. You can lose the fats around the paunch exceptionally quick and simple with the technique from the Japanese specialist. 

The procedure is as follows:

1. First, fasten the towel in a roll and fix it with some rope;

2. Please, sit on a clean surface, the best is on a flat floor;

3. However, put it the towel under your back in the height of your umbilicus and then lie down (the towel should be a bit larger than your back);

4. After that, spread your legs in the length of your shoulders and curve your feet. Touch only the big toes;

5. Turn the palms downwards, after the stretch out your arms behind the head. Then touch the little finger of the right hand with the little finger of the left one.

That is all. Although it seems very simple, that position is not easy nor comfortable at all. The first few times stretch them as you can, but don`t forget to touch them with the little toes on the hands as well as the big toes on your feet.

Lie down in this position for 5 minutes, three times a day.

In the beginning of these exercises you will feel uncomfortable and even in pain, but if it becomes unbearable, shorten the treatment to as much as you can handle.

You need to do this exercise every day, if you want good results.

Don’t get up immediately, when you are done with the treatment. Also, if you are in prone position, turn and lie on your hip, sit down and even then stand up.

Attention: Before you take up this treatment, please consult your doctor if you have problems with your pelvis or any other bone disease.

•You will lift your breasts – If you move the roll under your bust

•You will have formed and thinner waist – If you put it under the ribs

Besides the losing weight you will notice other changes as well:

•You will walk better and the pain in the back will go away!



Content created and supplied by: Sielani (via Opera News )

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