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Remember the prophet who predicted Covid 19, See his warning about the vaccine.

People across the world rely heavily on the services provided by their local churches. True, when new temples are erected, new prophets are created, making the task of recognizing real prophets from imposters much more difficult.

Emmanuel Makandiwa, a Zimbabwean, predicted the Coronavirus pandemic years before it occurred. All of his predictions came true when he exhibited the infection's effects.

To avoid infection, he advised against using the method that would eventually be used to develop an antibody. To ensure that people remembered what he had previously said in the event of his inability to criticize immunization, he spoke about it again lately. The following is what he had to say:

"Cultic pioneers, rather than political leaders, are ushering forth a new global order. One dictator has taken control of the clique, and the general president is a person from another globe. A group of individuals might be forced into consuming harmful chemicals if you join them, consume the poison, and then collapse and die with them. Those of you sitting at home, thinking you're safe from this kind of trickery because of your isolation, should know that you are in reality a prime target. It's when someone who has never seen or heard of anything passionately introduces themself. The point I'm trying to make is that it hasn't been verified by anybody else.

Ideally, this would take done prior to any mass killings. You should be warned by a messenger that the events that are about to take place are unparalleled in your whole life span. Even before they brought up the antibody, I told them that this was a situation requiring extreme care."

He then stated that he was aware that he would be the target of criticism for stating this, but he didn't give a damn. As he proceeded, "They wish to absolve themselves of responsibility for the conclusion," yet the antibodies would be accepted.

It is up to the individual to decide whether or not to accept or reject this vaccination, as no one can foretell the long-term effects.



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