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Ramaphosa to receive report on Vaccine Mandate, this is what to expect on the next family meeting


President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday said he was waiting for a report back from a task team he established to investigate the possibility of making vaccination mandatory. He also spoke briefly on his way to African countries on SAA Flight to say that he was leaving all Mandatory vaccine talks to the public as he would like to hear what they will say .

Cyril Ramaphosa always consult before making a decision, so far, it has been proven that not only does he consult but he also answers to a board which happens to be a board governed by white Mafia . SA citizens not only did they lost hope on him but they have also lost confidence on the decisions he is constantly making .

When the COVID-19 first hit South Africa, president Cyril Ramaphosa said no one was going to be forced to vaccinate . Other studies have proven that the Covid-19 will take a long time to go away . This came after some people said the virus was being created and each time they feel like they want something or more money, they will come with ways to make it worse .

One person who was part of the WHO committee meeting said that this fourth wave was not a threat to those that did not vaccinate but was a threat to those that have already vaccinated, putting those who have not vaccinated at risk. The high number of COVID-19 in SA at the moment are said to be symptoms of flu and that non of those who have these flu symptoms are being admitted to the hospital, there fire the hospitals are not at risk or being pressured .

President Cyril Ramaphosa will be expected to give brief of Mandatory vaccine sometime this week as the report he was waiting for has finally landed into his hands . It is said there will be some areas where you will have to enter when you are fully vaccinated. The public is against this and just waiting to see what happens next to able to take action. Everyone at this point is shaken as they don’t know what to expect.The next family meeting will be announced soon .

Please let with me on what must be done in order to not go with the mandatory vaccine. Also give give a reason to support your comment. Don’t forget to like, share and follow me for more news updates. Thank you.

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