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"I Should Have Agreed to Have That Damn Vaccine" Michael's Last Words Before He Died Of coronavirus

Around the world, the more contagious Delta variety continues to be a party disorder. While immunization is making good progress in many countries, the proportion of the population that has been vaccinated is still insufficient to eradicate the virus. 

Michael had hoped to observe the vaccine's effects on others before becoming immunized, but he would never have the opportunity. 

Jessica, Michael's fiancee, had set up a fundraising on the GoFundMe website so that she wouldn't have to worry about her finances at this difficult time. One of Michael's last messages, sent just before his death, may be found on the call for donation page: "I should have agreed to have that blasted vaccine." Michael is survived by his wife and five children, the youngest of whom is 17 months old. 

Michael Freedy, a 39-year-old American living in Las Vegas, was one of many people who preferred to wait before getting vaccinated: “We wanted to wait a year to see how it affected others, but we had never had it.” Jessica, his girlfriend, informed local media that he did not intend to be vaccinated. 

Michael, unfortunately, caught the virus while on vacation in San Diego. He acquired symptoms quickly and was ordered to remain in quarantine at his residence. Michael's condition quickly deteriorated, and he was eventually admitted to the hospital. He passed away just a few days after his admittance. 

What have you taken away from Michael's ordeal? Your viewpoint is extremely important.

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