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Government's Fight Against Parents To Vaccinate Children Continues

Kids aged 12 to 18 are now not only eligible for a single dose of the Covid-19 vaccine but they can also voluntarily get vaccinated with or without their parents' approval. However, following a week of adolescent vaccinations and conversations about what would happen in scenarios such as a parent's opposition, it is now evident that a youngster attempting to schedule their own immunization will find it exceedingly difficult.

Independent providers said they would be hesitant to administer a vaccination to an unattended kid because a vindictive anti-vaccine parent may subsequently nitpick about the process and technique used to determine whether the youngster had given adequate permission. Nobody wants to be a test case in front of a professional organization, facing a damages claim or a complaint. However, it turns out that this is not the most difficult obstacle for youngsters. They are more likely to be unable to obtain a vaccination injection because the government refuses to assist them.

To obtain a vaccine, minors, like adults, must be registered on the national Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS). For that system, they need "South African ID cards, birth certificates with registration numbers, foreign passports, or any verified asylum/refugee evidence of identification carrying the child's name." For the vast majority of the eligible population, this will imply a birth certificate.

It is unclear if a kid has the theoretical right to request a copy of his or her own birth certificate. The department of home affairs declined to answer queries about the matter, instead of sending all inquiries, including those on the mechanics of issuing birth certificate copies, to the department of health. Those who work in home affairs offices on a daily basis, however, claim that similar to nurses and physicians, an official who assists a kid in defying a parent's wishes may face disciplinary action. Those who refuse to do anything suffer no consequences.

This will be a hard task for the government to complete as majority of the minors get their consent from the parents, there is just a lot of factors that they will have to overcome in order to get the kids vaccinated, first one being that they will need their documentation to register to get the vaccine. What do you think about the vaccination about the minors? Let us know your thoughts on this matter on the comment section below.

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