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The only man who won lotto 7 times in the world reveals his secret.

Winning lotto prize once is a lucky but winning more than twice is not a lucky neither a coincidence,you need a strategy.

Richard Lusting,the author of "Learn Your Chances Of Winning Lotto" figured out that there are certain patterns in the lottery games that he finds consistently in almost 20 years of playing games.

So he created strategies that boost his chances of winning.

He first won $10 000 in 1982 from scratch -off ticket.

$3 696.03 in Florida Fantasy.

$3 594.66 from scratch-off in Los Angeles.

$4 966 from scratch off ticket(second chance draw).

$842 152.09 from Florida Mega Money.

$73 658.06 from Florida Fantasy.

$98 992 from Florida Fantasy.

He doesn't believe winning lotto is about lucky,he believes in following the following rules he provide to increase the chances of winning.

1.Research and see if your numbers have been won before.

2.Buy as many tickets as you can.

3.Pick your own numbers instead of buying from quick picks.

4.Select your ten sets of numbers and keep those if you continue buying tickets.

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