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Meet 2 young youtube stars who make $US64 million playing games

Being a youtuber is one of the most profitable, jobs in the world .Many people may also say its one of the easiest jobs , i mean what can be hard about turning a camera on and recording yourself.But many sucessful youtubers say its not as easy as it looks and there is a lot of work involved in becoming a sucess

Vlad and Nikita are brothers from Russia who who make $US 64 million a year by playing games , unboxing toys and tell stories on their youtube channel Vlad and Nikita .The brothers are 7 and 5 years of age The youtube stars have over 34, 5 million subscribers and their videos have over 14,3 billion views

They make $US 312,0000 per video and with over 34,5 million subscribers, they are the 11th most subscribed personalities in the world

the youtube brothers gained popularity among youtube audince that enjoys seeing them pretend play ,travel and tell stories

These 2 kids are really making youtubing and making millions sounds so easy as abc but they have revealed that its not that easy and they put a lot of work into it to make their channel a sucess .

It seems the world of youtube is being dominated by children another youtube star is 6 year old Anastasia Radzinskaya who makes about $US258K per video with over 48,1 million subscribers, She just documents herself studying and playing dress

One thing is for sure these kids are making most people reconsider their career choices , who wouldnt want to make that kind of money playing games.

Thank you so much for reading todays article .

while i go startup my own youtube channel ,and try my own luck of making millions

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