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Cucumber and Beets Only Take Two Months Of Cultivation Before Harvest

I've compiled my top 2 quick growing vegetables that you can actually harvest in just under 60 days. So in 2 months, you can go from seed to harvest with these vegetables. Pretty amazing, right?! In a world where we all need instant gratification, these veggies should now be at the top of your list!


Beets are very easy to grow, and because they're a root vegetable, the entire plant can be consumed, including the greens. In fact, if you've never had beet greens, you should definitely try them as they're very delicious! Plus, they're perfect for juicing!

Fast growing beet varieties: Early Wonder (48 days), Kestrel (53 days), Chioggia (55 days).


Cucumbers are a fun little vegetable to grow, but you will have to wait until the weather warms to plant them. Unlike other vegetables, cucumbers are warm loving plants, and we suggest you only plant them in summer. Once planted though, they'll quickly grow and you'll be rewarded with fresh, crunchy cucumbers which can be used in salads, sandwiches, and can also be pickled.

Fast growing cucumber varieties: Lagos (45 days), Ronda (50 days), Socrates (52 days).

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