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Sunday deserves such meal but Pap is missing on the plate, 9/10 what about you?

A meal like this deserves a hungry stomach or a loving husband stomach because a happy man is a good husband indeed this picture was posted on twitter as a lady wanyed people to rate it out of 10 but it got close to 9 out of 10. People believe that if the cook can just remove the bread or domboro and add porridge then the plate its a complete 100 it would no longer be a 10 but it would sky rocket to a 100.

Here is a picture of the meal that really got people hungry before they could even go to church now they can't wait for church to knock off and enjoy a good sunday meal.

On the plate there is a big spoon of pumpkin, creamy spinach chakalaka and a mayonnaise salad, with a bit of the yummy beetroot and a corn. The plate is not complete at that alone then it has a slice of bread thays what other people call it and it has two types of meat the beef stew and the chicken roasted one at that a chicken thigh.

Others on the comments believe that the plate was missing more meat if the cook can just add more mest then its a 10/10 with no argument. What is this plate to you?

After the plate was posted here are the comments that came up and really got the chats moving.

Source: Twitter social media platform

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