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Do you know why ladies buy Cucumbers at high rate?

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Apparently we all know that Cucumbers is the vegetable that is most loved by women because they have mild and refreshing taste hence it contains high percentage of water content, hence the rumours are saying that Cucumbers help to relieve dehydration and are pleasant to eat in hot weather. Cucumbers are long in length which means that they can last for long period of timeApparently the rumours are saying that Cucumber is the member of cucurbitaceae family, however other family members include bitter melon and it prevents diabetes. It contains ingredients that are low in sugar or stop blood glucose from rising to higher levels hence we all know that diabetes mostly attacks women who are not exercising but eating too much sugar

Apparently the rumours are saying that the substances in Cucumbers help to regulate insulin and metabolism of hepatic glycogen, however you must peel it to manage the symptoms of diabetes in mice

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