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How to Store Ripe Tomatoes for a Long Time

You will probably discover either tomatoes or onions in any kitchen if you walk in there. These ingredients are used to make stews and salads. Because tomatoes are so perishable, most people choose to buy them in tiny quantities, which makes them more expensive over time. Even without a refrigerator in your home, you may extend the shelf life of tomatoes by utilizing easy techniques.

Vitamins A and C, which act as antioxidants to combat dangerous free radicals in the blood, are abundant in tomatoes.

The risk of cell damage posed by these free radicals in the bloodstream makes them harmful. You should be aware that tomatoes contain more beta-carotene the redder they are. Additionally, you need keep in mind that boiling eliminates the vitamin C, therefore eating raw tomatoes is necessary for these advantages.

Here are several techniques you may use to keep tomatoes fresh for longer than a month. Your number of excursions to the market or the grocery shop will be reduced as a result.

1. Combine lemon and ripe tomatoes.

Put some whole lemons and ripe tomatoes in a lidded container and keep it refrigerated. The lemon will prevent the tomatoes from ripening too quickly and keep them fresh. Lemons serve as preservatives.

Tomatoes can last for months if the container is dry and free from fractures.

2. Place the tomatoes on the sink in the kitchen. The sink's coldness serves as a preservation mechanism.

3. Use aluminum foil to enclose tomatoes.

Clean the tomatoes and let them air dry, or use a dish towel to dab the water off.

Wrap each one individually with aluminum foil.

Because the tomatoes can't get any oxygen inside them thanks to the aluminum foil, they won't ripen.

4. Put a piece of tissue paper below a plastic container, then fill it with tomatoes. Finally, cover the container with a lid. Place them away from direct sunlight on a spot that is clean and cold. They'll probably stay for months while still being fresh.

Keep them somewhere cool. For months, tomatoes can keep their flavor, texture, and freshness.

If you happen to be traveling and have a lot of tomatoes at home, try one of the aforementioned techniques to keep them fresh until you return.

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