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Different ways to prepare Tin fish

If you have canned fish and do not know how to prepare it then you have to follow the following

Biryani is a mixed dish which is usually made with rice, Indian spices, some type of meat or potatoes. Instead of using meat or chicken you can always use tin fish.

You can use tin fish to make fish cakes. You'll mix your fish with eggs, baking powder, salt and bake. When you are done you can serve the cakes with mayo.

You can make fish balls which can be served with vegetables or you can make a burger.

You can make pie with the fish.

This is the most common one, pasta and fish. You cook your pasta, put it aside, then fry your canned fish and mix it together with the pasta.

Those who like fried noodles can put fish instead of adding chicken or meat.

The last delicious dish you can make is fish lasagne.


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