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A well respected and well groomed community which is Alexandra

I passed through the streets of Alexandra and I noticed that there is love and they take care of each other, even the children respect and are loved .

Alexandra is an old township started in the 60's and it has been the oldest since and alot of people admire it and love it alot though some people mock it for alot of shacks that are there and it's alot crowded.

Alexandra is a neat township and alot of known celebrities were born and brought up here another thing it's known for its chicken interstine of which alot of people claim they are cheaper in Alex.

It's not only the chicken intestines which are affordable but also the artchar which is affordable and you will never get any other best artchar besides in Alexandra.

Alot of our local soccer players are also born in Alexandra and they have very good skills . Fights and any other dangerous things do happen as it can never be perfect but it has its good side also

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