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Famous Products that Social Media always talk about-Dj green pepper, DJ stoney and DJ Rice water

If you have noticed that these produsts or spices have been in media for quite some and it's always in the front line since people have tried using them for the following benefits and saw the results.

Green Pepper or DJ green pepper

Peppers have many benefits and can provide a good aroma on food if you are cooking or mixing a healthy salad.

Peppers have capsicum, which helps on improving the blood city and also act as a stimulant on nerves. They are very full of c vitamin.


Has the following benefits :

It can boost your immune system

Also relieve nausea if you are feeling nauseous

It can help keep your stress levels low

Helps on menstrual discomfort on females

And also help on blood circulation

Rice water

Can be used for treating hair and face. It can also be drinked for many benefits .

It can act as a good source of energy. You must know that it is very rich in carbohydrates .The body can consume energy by breaking down carbohydrates .A glass of rice water a day cannot harm you but will help you. This can help you on your long day by just drinking it in the morning .

Let's look at the fact that it can help to prevent constipation and the starch also stimulates the bacterial growth in your stomach and in result to promote a good bowel movements.

I guess you didn't know that it prevent dehydration on a hot sunny day.

If you have some viral infections ,just know a glass of rice water can help replenish the nutrients that have been lost.

It is a good Remedy if you have a running stomach .

Content created and supplied by: Bleponi (via Opera News )

DJ DJ Rice Ginger Green Pepper


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