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He asked people to rate his food but people had this to say. See comments.

Many people nowadays are learning to cook, most of us had to learn after being closed in doors for months due to the never ending changing lockdowns. Well a man shared a plate of food that he had prepared on Facebook and asked people to rate his plate, on the plate there was white rice, mixed veg, baked beans, mayonnaise and tomato sauce as well as beef stew. Check out his post down below.

After posting his plate of food, many people reacted to his post and had a lot to say. Most people thought the food was not impressive as the plate was overcrowded with food while others rated the food 1 others 0 to even a -1 was given to the man for his effort. See some of people's comments down below.

What do you think of the food? Would you eat it if it was offered and how much would you rate it? Comment down below your thoughts.


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