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Woman wrote your not African enough if you have never tried this dish people react to this post

For some people, African foods ate one of the best foods one can enjoy if they take the time to test it. But the problem with African food is the appearance, a lot of people avoid eating African food because of the way they look sometimes. Remember you can't eat something that doesn't look appetizing.

Like for instance let's talk about Mopane worms, Mopane worms to some African people it's one of the best dishes.

To people who don't know what is Mopane is this is what you have to know about them. Gonimbrasia Belina is a species Of emperor moth that is native to the warmer parts Of Southern Africa. Its large edible caterpillar, known as the madora or mopane worm or amacimbimasontja, feeds primarily but not exclusively on mopane tree. Mopane worms are an important source of protein for many in the region. The species was first described by John O. Westwood in 1849.

I think the reason why some other people are saying no to trying African foods it's because they are not taught enough. And this was proven after a lady shared a picture of what she calls African food, that caused a stir on social media as she wrote you're not African enough if you have never tried this.

The first question people asked was what the hell is that and I don't blame them because no one will feel comfortable eating worms. After all, in their minds, it worms, but for other people, it's probably meat.

And they are not asking this out of disrespect as I said before as people we like different things and food is one of them just because someone likes something it doesn't mean that the other person must also like it. And no food defines someone you can be an African but don't like what other African people like and that does not mean you are less of an African.

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