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Here is a simple spinach smoothie recipe for an energy boost.

For a quick energy boost, whip up this spinach smoothie recipe made with a variety of fruits and ...


1 cup ice cubes

2 cups frozen pineapple chunks

½ cup frozen banana slices (about 1 medium banana)

1 cup diced apple (Fuji, red, or green apple, cut into 1-inch pieces)

2 cups baby spinach

This would probably be good in the morning. As much as we like to eat good food, it is important to look after our own health too. Eating junk food can cause some problems in the long run. That's why we decided to show you how to make your own spinach smoothie. We chose this vintage because it can be found anywhere, even on the ladies selling fruits along the road. The first thing you should say is that you have your spinach cut into small pieces. Another tip you can use is your own fruits instead of the one written above, as long as you will enjoy it with no regret. You also need to have a blender for such a recipe. Share your own opinion on this post. Don't forget to like and comment on


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