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BAD: Former Finance minister gets dragged for a meal he cooked

The minister of finance admits to not cooking very well this time around, and it comes specifically from the tomatoes. He did not slice them after pealing them. He added them as they were, and they ruined the whole recipe. He was trying to become creative by cooking a different meal.


His followers are not happy, and he should have sliced the tomatoes, then he would have made a good meal. They have been into him for the bad recipe he tried. Failing is part of learning, and by the next, with the exact times for the meal, he will prepare it better. It is very bold coming from him and sharing the failure.


It has been a bad experience coming from his wonderful cooking skills, and he is not someone who is disappointing when it comes to making food. Surely, he is looking to come back to the kitchen to rectify the mistake he made. Cooking is an art form and if you make a mistake, you can do better.

The sad part of it is that he has wasted food and he has to get more again. A very simple thing can mess up the whole meal, which was not his intention from the beginning. It is not everyone who is against and not expecting him to do better next time.



1. Rumani: Offcous, you are drowning the poor sheep instead of cooking it.

2. Rellow: This is illegal.

3. Champ: He is using food chasing like and retweets.

4. Nathi: What if your right and he is doing all this to distract most people to camp under such tweets for the entire day.

5. Lebogang: Things I will all do with that money you are wasting cooking nonsense.

6. Sjadu: You need to get a wife and stop what your are doing.

Cooking is a nice thing to do when you also do it with love. Tito is cooking because he enjoys it and will not leave the house if he is hungry.

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