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Boniswa got exposed. See what Mamba will do to her

Apparently you will remember that Mamba's right man never like and trust Lizzie since her arrival so this might be his chance to prove to Mamba that Boniswa is pretending to be someone she is not. We all can see that Lizzie is always up and down, cleaning and cooking, she never get time to rest. Recently Mamba's right man took her many pictures while she was resting. He confirmed to her that he once saw her somewhere but Lizzie denied all of that he she claims that people may look alike.

He might use these pictures to show Mamba that indeed Boniswa is up to something as he always warned him that he is playing with fire and Mamba said that it's the only way he knows how to playMamba enjoys every moment of seeing Lizzie in front of him as they onced eat dinner together of which they enjoyed that evening. Lizzie also seems like she is enjoying her new life and it's like she forgot her mission with her daughter Do you think Mamba will fire Lizzie or he will forgive her?

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