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Affordable healthy meal ideas

Eating healthy food is a dream for most of us. Subconsciously we know broccoli is healthier than pap, grilling meat is better than frying it and that drinking water is more beneficial than drinking fizzy drinks. Sometimes pap is the only option available as a 10 kg pack, costs R 80 and is substantial for the entire family and broccoli is R 25 for 1 500g pack and it'll last for two meals for the whole family. Sometimes we're unaware that we're sugar addicts and therefore, we consume fizzy drinks, sweetened tea and juice instead of water. Cost and flavour play a big role in what we eat.

Below are inexpensive eating suggestions suitable for people who can't afford to purchase expensive meal ideas.

1. Lettuce, chicken with tomato and onion salsa.

Lettuce is one of the most cheapest vegetables out there. Lettuce is available in every season at the same prices. To make this meal taste better, you can grill the chicken instead of frying it. Tomato sauce is not required as raw tomatoes serve as a healthy alternative.

2. Boiled egg, chicken breast and raw vegetables.

To get the required nutrition from vegetables, it's wiser to eat them raw. People make the mistake of overcooking veggies. The raw vegetables on this plate are inexpensive and easy to find. You don't need to eat asparagus only to be healthy.

3. Streamed broccoli and carrots, green salad and meat.

Notice how the green salad is missing dressing and cheese. It's healthier to consume it this way as there are fewer calories.

4. Tuna, egg and lettuce.

The meal below looks light, it's light but it's also filling. Boiled eggs are better than sunny side up as oil wasn't used to cook them. Tuna is a tad more expensive than pilchards and sardines but both can be consumed as an alternative.

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