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Here is what you should know about freezing an avocado : This will blow your mind away

A flawlessly ripe avocado is a issue of beauty, however its freshness is fleeting. Often it looks like you wait eons for that hard, funny-searching fruit to attain that idyllic firm-however-yielding country of ripeness, simplest to overlook the window and feature it yield darkish, stringy mush whilst you eventually use it. But here's a secret: You can freeze avocado and hold that perfect ripe country. You understand what this means? The subsequent time the ones ripe avocados are on sale, you may purchase more and freeze a few. Read on for pointers and caveats.

The Best Way to Freeze Avocados: Mashing the Avocado

The maximum a hit manner to freeze avocado is to mash it first with a few lemon juice. Start with flawlessly fresh, pitted avocados. Scoop the insides right into a blending bowl and pinnacle with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Mash to a uniform consistency with a fork or potato masher. Scoop the mashed fruit right into a resealable freezer bag and press into a fair layer. Squeeze out as lots air as possible, then seal and freeze for up to one month.

How to Thaw Frozen Avocado Puree

To thaw frozen avocado puree, switch the bag to the fridge and allow it thaw overnight.

Can You Freeze Whole Avocados?

If you do not fancy pre-mashing avocados and combining them with lime juice, you may freeze complete avocados. Bear in thoughts that the taste, texture and colour of the avocado will extrade withinside the freezer.

The avocado will flip barely grey-brown and grow to be mushier. All this to say, you might not need to slice frozen, thawed avocados onto salads or toast - however there are a few different top uses - examine extra approximately them down below.

How to Freeze a Whole Avocado with the Skin On

Freezing complete avocados is simple. Simply placed them withinside the freezer complete - they will final for up to 3 months there.

How to Thaw a Whole Frozen Avocado

Rinse the complete frozen avocado beneathneath cool water; dry it off. Let it take a seat down at the counter to thaw (approximately 30 minutes). Peel the avocado, dispose of the pit and enjoy!

How to Use Frozen, Thawed Avocado

As we have got already discussed, frozen, thawed avocado is not the maximum stunning and its taste changes. That's why you do not need to head reducing it up and the use of it in dishes in which it wishes to face on its own. However, it is completely k to apply in different methods in which the flavor might be barely masked through different robust flavors taking place in a dish.

Use Frozen Avocado In Sandwiches

You would not need to show frozen avocado into avocado toast - there, avocado wishes to be the big name of the show. But you would possibly need to unfold it right into a sandwich that has masses of different ingredients. It will evoke "avocado," however its taste might be barely masked through the bread, lettuce and deli meat (or anything is at the sandwich).

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