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Mzansi Is Left Amazed After Seeing The Price Of Albany Bread, Look How Much It Costs

Bread is a commodity of great social, political and economic significance in South Africa. Not only it is the second -most consumed staple after maize, but it is the most processed of the staple foods.

Bread created the structure of modern day society and gave order to our way of living. it is usually made from a wheat - flour dough that is cultured with yeast, allowed to rise and finally baked in an oven.

The prices of food and other items have increased in South Africa due to the Covid-19 pandemic which led to shortages of goods.

People were amazed after seeing how much Albany bread cost. A young man with the username of Hlanga on Twitter shared a picture of the bread he captured at a certain store. The bread costed R20. People complained about the price and said that it is expensive.

Some also mentioned that R100 barely purchases meat these days.

People buy more than they need to avoid tomorrow's higher prices fuels demand for goods and services.

The most affected are the poor and unemployed because they are unable to afford the basic necessities. It also leads poor people to limit their food consumption and adjust to an increasingly unbalanced diet, which has a harmful effect on their health.


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