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Look at the creative Chef, cooking stake with steam and heat of two irons: Opinion

I didn't know that this can really be possible, that the steam of an ion and heat can be able to cook the steak to look that scrumptious and tasty. According to the Chef that is the demonstrating this method, steam of iron, it keeps the the stake from getting dry. As we all know that, when the stake become dry, it becomes boring to eat and difficult to chew.

Dry stake is actually uneatable for most of the people that the struggle to produce enough enzymes in their system. So this guy is saying the steam keeps that stake from getting dry. Also as you can see, there is no place for you to pour cooking oil.

Too much old and also other unnecessary additions make people sick. This method looks healthy because, it does not have any oil, it was just a cooked by the steam and the heat of an iron. I think for most people that have got a challenge with cooking oil, can follow you. Remember that the cooking oil has got the same effect with the consumption of too much sugar and salt. I mean too much oil can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and other lifestyle diseases. So I think the restaurant of this guy is loved by people that want to live a healthy life, or that follows a healthy routine.

Imagine if that a steak has to be eaten with veggies, that would be the most healthiest meal ever, unlike when we eat things that are too oily and at the same time we are eating them with chips. So we are just consuming a large amount of oil. I don't know whether this is a restaurant that exist in this world where the chief uses ions to cook the steak, bit if they do exists, that is the most creative way that I have ever seen.

When this guy started demonstrating this, a lot of people were laughing because they thought it was a joke. As time goes on and seeing the steak turning to be the real steak that everybody could have loved, they started believing the story of this Chef, and the end there, you can see that the steak is now fully done. Everybody is left on shock and with excellent remarks to the Chef.

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