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South African Heritage Kos

Here is how we celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa, not forgetting that on this day it is also National Braai Day, we incorporate traditional dishes into our braai.

This day is all about embracing our different cultures and coming together to enjoy who we are.

We do it through shared traditional meals.

Main meal – Tshisanyama:

Tshisanyama - which translates to burn the meat - or braaivleis are both familiar names we use as South Africans when we unite to cook our meat over an open flame. We braai practically anything – lamb, boerewors, pork, sosaties, chicken and even fish.



A braaibroodjie is the South African version of a toasted sandwich made on the braai. This will make an excellent side – just butter the outside of the bread for a crispy texture and golden colour.

Pap and chakalaka

Pap and chakalaka is as South African as it gets! Chakalaka is a South African vegetable relish that is usually spicy. A braai just feels incomplete without two of our nation’s most beloved sides, chakalaka and pap. 

Braaied potato halves

It’s a piece of South African braai tradition to put your potatoes in foil and then put them on the coals to cook, but another alternative is to par-boil your potatoes in their skins, slice them in half, and then season with herbs and a little of olive oil, then put them on the grill to brown, turning them regularly.


Milk tart and koeksisters

Looking for a classic South African pudding to serve after a delightful braai with family and friends? Then why not end things off on a sweet note with two of our favourite South African favourite desserts, milk tart and our darling koeksisters.

Do have a great (delicious) heritage with your friends and family. Don't forget to click on the comment button to share your views and opinions.

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