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Tired of the same old breakfast? Try this Crispy Hash Brown Recipe it is a game changer

I love potatoes, if you look through my profile I'm constantly posting recipes with potatoes and trying to make something different with them. This time I decided a very simple three-ingredient recipe would be good because there is no way to get it wrong.

Hash browns are crispy delicious potato morsels that you will adore!

What are hash browns?

According to Merriam Webster Hash Browns are "Boiled potatoes that have been diced or shredded, mixed with chopped onions and shortening, and fried usually until they form a browned cake."

However the way I make them doesn't require any boiling and other fussy ingredients. I've found they become mushy of you make then the traditional way. I like them to be crisp on the outside and a little soft on the inside. You'll love the taste.

Crispy Hash Browns Recipe

Try these for breakfast and you'll never look at it the same.


• 4 large potatoes.

• Salt

• Black pepper


• Old kitchen cloth

• Frying pan


Grate your potatoes with the the large hold side of your grater

Squeeze the water out of the potato as much as you can. This is where the cloth comes is handy. Use it to wring the water out.

Once dry, place aside and heat your oil in a frying pan until the oil is hot but not burning. You want it hot but if it's too hot it'll burn.

Add your potatoes in a one thin layer, you want it to be evenly spread and about a centimeter thick. Salt the potato as needed

Wait until the one side is brown before flipping it over to finish cooking on the other side. Once cooked you can add your black pepper to season.

Serve with some eggs and bacon or just sprinkle some cheese and serve hot and enjoy with tomato sauce!

Ask me about the recipe in the comments if you have queries!

Thank you for your time!

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Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

Crispy Hash Brown Merriam Webster Hash Browns


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