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The rare fruits that I saw in supermarkets or neighborhood stores.

I remember a time when I would buy all the rare fruits that I saw in supermarkets or neighborhood stores. If you read me from another place, maybe for you these fruits are normal because they are grown in your country, but for me, as a Spaniard, these are the most exotic fruits that I had the opportunity to try:

  • Lychees: I was not convinced by their taste, very bitter.
  • Pitahayas: Yes, I liked them a lot. They taste similar to a kiwi. I'm not entirely sure but I think pitahyas are also called dragon fruit. It is possibly my favorite exotic fruit.
  • Guavas: I was able to get them for a short period of time since they were sold by a food cooperative of which I was a member. They were tasty, although the seeds are a bit hard.
  • Kumquats: They are like tiny, oval tangerines that are very difficult to peel. Having tangerines and oranges, why these kumquats that there is no god to peel them :)?

There are some fruits that a few years ago would be considered exotic in Spain but are becoming more common (import them and even produce them in Spain), such as mango, custard apple, papaya or avocado. Absolutely exquisite these last ones.

Some that I would like to try and have never had the chance to do are tamarind, durian, mangosteen and jackfruit. I am fascinated by the colors and shapes of fruits and vegetables.

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