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Opinion : Here are some mouthwatering ideas for cooking breakfast.

The old adage is true, break fast is one of the most important meals of the day. It is the first meal one eats after having been on a fast of 8 hours or more due to sleep.

When one has eaten a healthy breakfast their day starts off well and they are full of energy to tackle the tasks ahead of them.

Ensure that you cook a variety of different meals daily. Today you can have jungle oats, tomorrow bacon with omellets, the day after that fatcakes or Kellogg's corn flakes.

Make sure that your breakfast is packed with nutrients from the different food groups. Ensure to have enough proteins which will keep you going for long.

Here are some ideas on what to cook for breakfast:

This is a classic meal for the whole family which will leave your full until your next meal. In the picture above is has omelettes, grilled bacon, sliced tomatoes, Vienna's, beans and a selection of white or brown bread. You then have an option of the beverage you want to drink with your meal.

In the picture above its boiled eggs, sauteed mushrooms,bacon and cucumber drizzled with salad dressing.

The classic meal of all time, fatcakes! Have them whilst they are still hot with tea or coffee.

More ideas are found in the pictures below :

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Kellogg Vienna


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