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Shoprite Koo beans Verses Somalians Koo Beans, See What This Lady Spotted

In many times people have been warning us to stay away from my friend. Though some people can say that it is not easy to stay away from them. Those foods mostly of them are not in a good condition. Before you can even cook them , you need to try to differentiate them. In most of the foods they are not there on the super markets, ecspecially those snacks mostly of them you cannot find them inside supermarkets , you can only find them inside Somalian shops. In most cases only those people who are coming from poor background you will find them in Somalian shops. Each and every item from those shops are counterfeit. Those people can forge anything including foods. They can make fake of everything.

The places that they stock their goods are not the same place where big supermarkets are buying their goods. The lady bought Koo beans from Shoprite and then decided to add extra because it was not going to be enough. She went to buy another Koo beans from My Friend. She realised that they are not the same in colour. The one from my friend is not that dark, even the tomato sauce is not the same. She decided to tear the wrapper to see. It was easy to remove the one from my friend but difficult to remove the one from Shoprite. There are two expiry dates on the one for my friend. The one at the top and the one which was hidden. The one which was hidden shows that the Koo bean expired and the one at the top show that the Koo bean is not expired.

Those people take their expiry things and hide the dates. The lady decided to throw the ones from the Somalian Shops away. People should be extra careful when they buy from those shops.


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