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10 unconventional foods across the world

When visiting a new country, one of the many temptations is to eat food that is not unique to the region, as food is still everyone's way of life.

One thing to be aware of is that each culture has its own favorite desserts that foreigners may not be familiar with. So try these unusual dishes as you explore the world.

1) Ant egg soup

This dish is a traditional dish from Laos and Southeast Asia. It's made with a little salt, white onions, and a few small spices, and it's usually a little bitter.

The soup is said to be sweet, similar to shrimp soup.

2) Spider Chase

Fried spiders are a snack in the Cambodian town of Sicon. Special spiders that eat are called tarantulas. Trading and eating tarantulas is so popular that tourists from all over the world come here.

3) Donkey gènitals

As strange as it may seem, the food is there. consumed in China. Specialties at a famous restaurant in Beijing, China.

4) Rattlesnake

Rattlesnakes are made and eaten in a variety of ways. They are fried, baked and added to soups. Also important in some alcoholic beverages: rattlesnakes can be found on the bottom of wine bottles.

The consumption of rattlesnakes is common in Hong Kong and Vietnam.

(5) Locusts

The Locusts is one of the most unusual grasshopper species found on the entire continent. They contain high amounts of minerals and protein, the researchers said.

In Africa, especially Nigeria, these are fried and served as an accompaniment. In Israel, chocolate is sprinkled after baking.

6) frog Legs

This is a very popular dish in France and is considered the national dish. Potato legs contain protein, vitamins and potassium, and are rich in olive oil and various spices.

7) Camel Burger

Like ham, beef is used to make the burger, and camel meat is the main ingredient in this particular burger. Camel meat is said to be fatter and leaner than a regular jam-beef burger.

This dish is very popular in Egypt and Somalia.

8) Balut

Balut is a popular dish in the Philippines. It is a duck embryo and can develop in two to three weeks. The bread is cooked while the embryos are alive and seasoned with vinegar, salt and pepper.

9) Wasp Cookies

This is a Japanese snack similar to baked chocolate chip cookies, but instead of adding a chocolate filling, sprinkles are added.

10) Fruit bat soup

Fruit bats are a type of bat. These are found on the tops of trees. These fruit bats are made into soup. This dish is a staple in Palau.

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