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How to Make Your Own Beer at Home

You can make your own beer with little effort and a fraction of the cost of commercial beer. This simple method uses just one fermenting process, so only one brewing container is needed.

What You Will Need:


The few items you need to brew your own homemade beer can be found at your nearest beer making supply shop or at most hardware stores.

• One 10-gallon "food grade" plastic pail with lid.

• Siphon hose. You'll need a 74" length of 5/16 " "food grade" vinyl tubing.

• Hose clamp for siphon

• Twelve two litre plastic pop bottles, with lids

• Hydrometer

Simplest Homemade Beer Recipe .


Malt extract

• One 40oz.can of any flavor you like (light,dark,stout).

• Yeast .One teaspoon brewers yeast

• Sugar

6-7 cups of regular white sugar , or 8-9 cups of corn sugar ( preffered)

For better results consider using two cans of the malt extract and not using any sugar.

How To Brew


It has been said that 75% of brewing is good sanitation. First clean all equipment with warm, lightly soapy water. Rinse well to remove soap residue. Then sanitize using household bleach at a quantity of 1 tablespoon /gallon of water. Or you can purchase a no-rinse acid sanitizer to make sure that there is no after taste.


1. Pour 10 litres of fresh, cold water into the 10 gallon plastic pail.

2. In your largest pot , bring 7 litres of water to a boil.

3. Add one can of malt extract .Stir and cook uncovered for 20 minutes.

4. Add the sugar and stir to dissolve.

5. As soon as the sugar is dissolved , pour contents into the carboy.

6. Top up with bottled drinking water or tap water until temperature is neutral. (If you are using tap water it is recommended to boil the water first so that you can kill bacteria).

7. Sprinkle in the yeast and stir well .Cover with lid.( Set lid on loosely ;if capped too tightly ,a carboy can explode from the carbon dioxide gas that is produced. )

Keep covered and avoid unnecessary opening. The beer will be ready to bottle in 6-10 days ,depending on ambient temperature of the room and amount of sugar used in the brewing.


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