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A hungry Pearl Thusi complains about a lack of food

Media personality, Pearl Thusi to complain about the lack of food British airways were serving them. She had paid R6000 on a one way flight to Cape Town and all she got was water. This is what she said:

"They charge you R6000 one way to Cape Town, which mind you I have already done and they just serving you still and sparkling water. SAA is still serving food even though it's tricky, Airlink is serving food even though it's tricky. And British Airways is charging 6k a leg and all you get is water? I'm sure Kulula, Mango and all the other ones are serving a spaza moment already. Here we are drinking water and not even a Coca Cola. Rude, very rude. Like, are you not embarrassed? This is very embarrassing".

Following Thusi's complaint, we decided to review the airplanes and compare their food services.

British Airways

On their website, British airways do state that for their local flights, they do serve food and also adjust food to a traveller's requirements, e.g diabetic, low cholesterol, muslim, vegan, hindu, child and kosher. The food is included with the ticket price so there is no need to pay more.

South African Airways

SAA, like British also serve food according to a traveller's needs. This includes kosher, which has to be ordered within 72 hours and vegan. The food is also part of the ticket price.


Mango serves food as well but you have to pay for the food you want. They also now accept cards for payment which suggests that the payments were previously cash only for a purchase. The prices on here are cheaper with a beer costing R22.


Kulula like Mango does not include food as part of the ticket price. The prices are expensive, with a small can of beer costing R26,50. Also, at the time this article was written, they were not offering any catering in any of their airlines.


Airline Safair is currently serving no food at the time this article is written. They regularly sell food like the other two small airlines, but they don't take cards, unlike Mango.


Airlink resumed their food service from 25 October. Food is sold on the plane.

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