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Morning rush: Understanding how sugar can creep into your breakfast

For some South Africans, a bowl of cereal and milk is the speediest method to kick your day away from work. What a few of us may not understand, is that an honest bowl of cereal could really be hurtful to your eating routine. Here's the manner by which to see how you can keep away from sugar in the mornings. 

Step by step instructions to UNDERSTAND SUGAR 

The World Health Organization prescribes a limit of 5 to 10 teaspoons of sugar a day yet, there is sugar in specific food varieties that we will be unable to get, and you could undoubtedly go over the suggested sum. 

Perusing names on food bundling might be very hard for some, yet enrolled dietician Kgadi Moabelo says an expertise can be dominated over the long haul. 

Moabelo makes reference to that in case sugar is featured as the main fixing on the bundling, it generally implies that there is a lot of it in the item. The fixing recorded last, implies there is less of that fixing. 


A few items are generally showcased as high-energy and low-sugar, however there are items that have high measures of sugar that you may not know about. Here are a few models that you should pay special mind to. 


Albeit cereal is the fastest and simplest approach to begin your day, it contains a ton of sweet goodness that you might need to keep away from. One bowl of oat can contain up to six teaspoons. 

Flapjacks AND WAFFLES 

Hotcakes and waffles are typically a possibility for individuals over the course of the ends of the week or at cafés as they take somewhat more to plan. The disadvantage to this is that they are generally covered in syrup, chocolate sauce and other sweet sprinkles. 


Bread is a staple in numerous South African homes. What you can be sure of is that one cut of bread contains a large portion of a teaspoon of sugar. Having a guiltless breakfast sandwich in the first part of the day could imply that you would have devoured one entire teaspoon, and we haven't thought about some other potential sandwich fixings yet. 


Healthline reports that bounty non-fat enhanced yoghurts have a lot of sugar in them. Truth be told, these yoghurts are more awful than a straightforward serving of frozen yogurt. 

Benefiting as much as possible from YOUR MORNINGS 

There are a couple of basic ways you can chop down your sugar consumption in the first part of the day. 

Keep away from food varieties that are showcased as low-fat "diet" food sources as these normally have a high measure of sugar in them. 

"Without sugar" food varieties can contain sugars like saccharin and sucralose. 

Stay away from organic product juice as these can contain a great deal of sugar. Rather go for a glass of water and an organic product as an afterthought. 

Rather than adding sugar to your tea or morning espresso add a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

You can regularly swop white bread for a cut of entire wheat bread.

Source: The South African

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