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"Before Zuma and After Zuma" trend : South Africans reminisce about food prices in the past.

South Africans reminisce about how affordable food was in the past, that is early two thousands and before. One could get into any food retail store and buy everything they need with just a few Rands. But , a few years later, food is one of the most expensive things to buy. Some bodly blame and compare the leadership they had then and now.

To just compare some of the food prices on a shoprite store 2012 vs 2021 buying book.

1. 30 large eggs costed approximately R26 and currently, 18 large eggs cost R28.

2. A few grams of cooking oil were only R12 and are now R40.



This extends to car purchases, earlier years, one could purchase a taxi for only R5000 and now taxi purchase may cost up to R200 000.

Some commentors who are South African citizens mentioned that all of this is an indication of what happened to the country "Before and After Zuma".

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