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Right way and time to eat ghee, advantages and disadvantages

 Ghee is an important part of our food. Ghee is not only an important part of our food, but it helps us to balance our Vata and Pitta dosha, some people like to eat ghee but some people do not like to eat ghee. Because they believe that it is not beneficial for your health, but not eating ghee is wrong from every point of view because ghee is not only better for your health but also makes your skin and hair healthy and shiny.

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 Ghee has been used in food for thousands of years, along with this, Ghee has also been given Sanskrit recognition, with its help many diseases are completely cured. There is a problem of increasing cholesterol but it is not completely correct, you should include pure cow's ghee in your diet, ghee is rich in many nutrients and cow's ghee is most beneficial in this, so it does not increase cholesterol. works to reduce

 The amount of fiber in cow's ghee is very high, the lubricant present in it is beneficial in expelling the dirt accumulated in the intestines in our stomach, due to which the fat stored in the body gradually starts reducing over time, digesting ghee as compared to oil. is more beneficial

 right time to eat ghee

 A normal person can consume three to four spoons of Ghee in a day, Ghee is easily digested during the day, so you can consume Ghee at any time of the day, if you consume Ghee at night, then its quantity is slightly less. can do

 right way to eat ghee

 1. You start adding ghee to make lentils and vegetables, adding ji, eating it increases its taste, it also keeps you healthy.

 2. If possible, you can use ghee instead of oil, you can also use ghee to make the food square.

 3. If you want, you can consume ghee before drinking tea and coffee in the morning, so you will not have gas problem.

 4. Mixing a spoonful of ghee with lentils or rice gives you great benefits, you can eat it by making roti or if you want, you can also bake its paratha.

 Benefits of eating Ghee

 Many nutrients like protein, carbohydrate, fiber, sugar, sodium and fatty acids are found in pure cow's ghee, which are very beneficial for your health.

 1. Ghee is a better source of calcium, which strengthens bones, as well as ghee prevents bones from getting damaged and if you have fractured or broken bone, then you must consume ghee to recover faster.

 2. If you are allergic to dust, then before going out anywhere, you should apply a thin layer of ghee inside the nose, so you will not be allergic to dust.

 3. Ghee apki strengthens immunity power, enhances immunity, you do not get sick quickly due to strong immunity, you do not get weather related diseases quickly by eating cow's ghee

 4. Ghee calms your mind, if you want to be active throughout the day and keep your mind calm, then you must eat ghee.

 5. Ghee is beneficial in curing mouth ulcers. Protein acid is found in it which helps in reducing inflammation.

 6. Ghee increases the lubricity in the joints and reduces the hardness of arthritis, which leads to arthritis

 i comfort you

 7. Cow's ghee is very beneficial for your eyes, it removes many problems related to eyes like weakness in eyes.

 8. Ghee is very beneficial for small children, young children develop quickly, for which calcium is needed in the body of children, in such a situation, eating ghee is very beneficial for the health of children.

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 9. After fever, we always feel weak, our immunity power becomes weak, so eating in this condition is very beneficial.

 10. Ghee removes the problems related to age, it is also very beneficial for the stomach.

 11. To remove the problems of dandruff in the hair and to strengthen the hair roots, you can use ghee.

 Disadvantages of eating ghee


 2. Apko ghee should not be consumed at the time of cold or cough, it can cause problems for you.

 3. Many times, eating too much ghee can also cause problems like indigestion and diarrhea, so a certain amount of ghee should be consumed.

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 4. By eating ghee, some people start gaining weight, if the apka weight is more, then after consuming ghee, drink a cup of hot water!

 5. If you have problems with liver or liver, you should avoid ghee, if your liver is very weak then you should not consume ghee.

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