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Get to know a little more about butternut

Butternut is like a winter squash that grows on a vine, and technically it is classified as a fruit but it is treated as a vegetable once cooked. Most people add it to their Sunday lunch food, for instance when they've cooked rice. It taste better when cooked well, it needs a better cooker.

When you add butternut to your meal is a good way of decreasing hunger and boosting your fiber intake. The low calories in the butternut makes it a great healthy weight loss. It's flavour taste like a sweet potato and it has the sweet, moist and nutty taste.

Butternut have about 13g net carbs per cup, which then makes it high in carb vegetable. It is a very friendly diet when added with other ingredients. Most butternuts are light brown on the outside and more of orange in the inside. If you want to cook a butternut squash you must first pill off the peels and remove the seeds inside, or you can just cook it with the peels.

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