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Taro root recipes and health benefits

Taro is a vegetable which is cultivated for if roots and leaves. Most people use the leaves to cook curry and the root is a potato but it's much more delicious. This vegetable is full of nutrients, mineral and vitamins.


1. Copper

2. Manganese

3. Magnesium

4. Potassium


1. Vitamin C

2. Vitamin B6

3. Vitamin E


1. Protein

2. Carbohydrate

3. Fibre

Benefits of taro root

Taro root improve immune system, helps blood vessels and arteries to function more effective meaning it helps with blood circulation, improve skin health, decreases the risk of lung cancer and decreases the chances of having diabetes.


Taro root salad


3 cups chopped to cubes taro root

Half onions chopped


Black pepper

2 table spoons of lemon juice

3 table spoons of mayonnaise


Mix taro root with onions and lemon juice in a bowl add salt, black pepper and mayonnaise you can garnish with parsley or thyme if you which to do so.

Mashed taro root


5 cups Taro root


Black pepper


Butter or Rama


Peel taro root and chopped into cubes

Cook until soft

Pour in a bowl and mash until smooth

Add salt, black pepper and 2 TSP of butter or Rama

Add milk if there is a need.

Taro root soup


1kg Taro root peeled and chopped

1 onion chopped

Salt and black pepper

500g beef cubes cuted into small pieces

Half green onions for garnishing


Cook taro root in a pot with beef

After 10 minutes add salt, black pepper and onions

When it if fully cooked add your green onions and take off the stove

Best served with home made bread

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