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A Breakfast that surprised many and wonder if this woman was pregnant. See Reaction

A Twitter user who goes by the name Diva take it to her page this morning sharing a picture of Oats and Atchar, this lady wakeup hungry and decided to cook a simple meal for breakfast though she added something that made the meal look odd, "Good morning..... Oats and atchar..." she captioned her post.

Oats is a very important meal to start your day with because of the nutrition it has, this lady shocked many by cooking oats and adding atchar on her plate, her plate looked weird and it made people wonder if maybe she was pregnant because these two ingredients don't match together, oats is better with milk and butter and atchar goes together with chips, stew and so forth.

Her post was received well by her followers and they quickly jumped to the comment section to share their views. @Crue... commented "No need for pregnancy test. Lewena wa bona", another tweep jumped in and shared his thought "Someone didn't pull out" and @Image_Lulu replied and second his comment "Highly that might be the case.... The combos are not communicating.

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