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Haibo | Checkout How Expensive Alcohol Is At Konka (see pics)

Looking at our Facebook and tweeter streets over the past few days have you noticed that a place called konka in Soweto has been trending very hard and asked yourself why is it trending in the first place for what that sell is also sold elsewhere? Well I have done a mini research, and it turns out that although what they sell is not unique, Their prices are and that's the reason Konka has been getting praised and worshiped online.

For a quick example, Please take a rapid look at the pamphlet attached below to see how much is it that oeookd spend on alcohol while they are here.

Looking at this pamphlet there ain't such thing as a coart for less than R300 the likes of black label. Castle lite and so on the cheapest beer goes for R35 here, and it is not even enough to can last one for the night meaning that they automatically will be forced to buy more of this alcohol.

Bear in mind that not only is konka bring praised for selling expensive alcohol it is also a place of class as well I mean if you should take a look at how their parking lot looks like on weekend I bet you will notice this, For example please refer to the pic attached below

All this expensive cars and alcohol has now had a lot of people seeing and thinking of drinking at momma as an achievement, although we all know that alcohol is just alcohol and has no benefits at all but just hangover the next morning, So now according to your perspective as readers do you find this whole thing of praising konka right or people should just refrain from praising such? 

What's your take on this whole thing of konka rising to fame? Please leave some comments below

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