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A man cooked and dished up for his family but people noticed something, see here

A man recently stunned the internet by posting dishes of food. Nowadays, as the majority of people are aware, people share their food. With that said, the man's kitchen table was set with six dishes.

He wrote in his caption that he was finished cooking and chose to prepare a dish for each family member. However, people couldn't help but notice something odd about his manner of dishing. Each plate included almost the same amount of pap. However, when we came to the sausages, it was a whole other situation.

Among all the plates, there was one that stuck out to the public due to its excessive weight (sausage). Some thought it was pretty amusing that he would do such a thing simply because he was the cook.

Others were unsure whether the dish piled high with sausages belonged to him or not. This was an unexpected development that left everyone stunned. Continue reading to see more people's reactions;

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