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Geminating Pepper Seeds From Home In Two Weeks And Plant Into Soil.

Green Pepper is used in our everyday life when cooking delicious meals, that means it is a demand in the market so it not very cheap when buying from the vegetable stores. So instead of buying peppers everytime you go shopping you should try growing yourself peppers in your garden. It is simple afterall and very quick.

After cutting your peppers open you just need to remove the seeds from the peppers and place them into the paper towel.

After placing your seeds into a paper towel you then have to spray them with water so that they are damp wet and cover.

Find a cling wrap and cover the paper towel that has the seeds and leave to two weeks in a place that recieves sunlight. After two weeks the seeds will be fully geminated and developing small roots, so you can then transfer the seeds into the soil.

Wait for atleast one month and then the plant would be out from the soil and ready to produce peppers.

Content created and supplied by: Mzansi_Hot_Mgosi (via Opera News )

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