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Mzansi Has Done It Again, Look What People Noticed On This Kota That Got People Talking

It's too dry, not appetizing the bread looks 30 years old, a tweep said.

We all know that in Mzansi Kota is the fastest and easiest food to make whenever you feel hungry or when you are craving it .some make it at home for themselves while others make them in their shops for business. Some make it so good and add some top sauces on top of it while others don't. 

The picture of such Kota in which people are not impressed with, here is the picture of such a dry Kota that has no juice in it it's lacking. 

The pictures above even show that it's easy to make because there is nothing really surprising about it. After all, it's not that appealing it needs more dirt on like dripping sauces.

Kota is a south African sandwich in which you add some polony, cheese, archer, chips, Vienna, or Russians inside it to make it big and nice. Some say homemade Kota is better than the one you on the streets because is not healthy.  

I disagree that not everyone can make it like the ones on the streets. That Kota on that picture it shows that is not good but healthy, no one can buy that kind of Kota. It's not even attractive just a few chips without some sauce. No one will buy that kind of Kota. A real Kota has to have some sauce and be big so that it can attract some customers. 

Would you even buy such Kota if you find it on the street?

This looks worse because the essence of ikota is that it's supposed to be eaten squished between your hands.

It's too dry, not appetizing, the bread looks 30 years old, and those five fried. It's a NO. A Kota must look like this.

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